limited edition Moonrise,sunset Hoy in the Middle


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a numbered limited signed edition Giclee print of Jeanne Bouza Rose’s most popular work.

Jeanne speaking about her love of oil painting

I began to explore using oil sticks (oil bars) that had been gifted to me. Fortunately for me, they were R &F oil sticks and were beautiful to work with. These "pigment sticks" and the unstretched canvas have become my chosen materials. I love the freedom of letting the paint take me where I think I was heading. The oil sticks are blended on the canvas after being "crayoned" on the canvas. The colours and I flow in between the charcoal plan I begin with. Clouds emerge and land slides into place. Light and colour slip into reflection.

It was pure serendipity that I painted a 44 x 5 ft view of the Orkney island of Hoy. It was my main view for the first six months of winter fulltime life in Orkney. This long project warmed me along with the coal fire, while staying in the late Sylvia Wishart’s cottage and studio. "Moonrise, Sunset, and Hoy in the Middle" is my most popular work. A Giclee print is also the only way to get a clear view of the geography of Hoy view, as it provides a proportional panorama that is larger than a photo could provide.


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